Safeguarding the Voice of Latino Voters

Voting Rights Act Reauthorization

MALDEF actively advocates at all levels of government for U.S. citizens to have unimpeded access to the polls, regardless of national origin or language ability, and to have the opportunity to elect a candidate who fairly reflects the interests of his or her constituents.

Latinos Needed to Apply to California’s New Citizens Redistricting Commission

Since passage of Proposition 11, we have been working diligently with the state to ensure that the implementing regulations emphasize the importance of the Voting Rights Act and the creation of a commission that represents all of the communities that make up our state. Now, we need your help.

Voting Rights Act Reauthorization of 2006

MALDEF has played a critical role in renewals of the landmark federal Voting Rights Act (VRA) and in the expansion of the Act to include bilingual services and protections for citizens with limited English proficiency.

Voter Protection Efforts

Across the country, MALDEF has been working hard to secure unfettered access to voter registration materials and to the polling booths for all U.S. citizens. Two recent victories came in the reauthorization of the federal Voting Rights Act and the rejection by the U.S. Supreme Court of gerrymandered Texas districts that diluted the votes of hundreds of thousands of Latinos.

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