Standing up for Immigrants’ Rights in the Legislatures

Comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level is MALDEF’s top policy priority. As we advocate for sensible, effective changes to U.S. immigration policy, MALDEF is also battling state, local, and federal initiatives that discriminate against immigrants and violate basic civil rights.

Latino Hate Crime Death Deserves Justice

On July 14, 2008, Ramirez lost his life after he was knocked unconscious and severely beaten by a group of Shenandoah teenagers who yelled racial epithets throughout the fatal beating.

Anti-Immigrant State Legislation and Ordinances

Our litigation, advocacy and leadership development programs converge as we galvanize and organize Latino communities around the country to educate them on the implications of the latest wave of local anti-immigrant ordinances and state laws so that they become stakeholders in the debate and help defeat these ordinances.

Hate Crimes

In the past several years, hate crimes against Latinos have risen 40%. This is a national epidemic whose growth is spurred each day by hate speech, distortion of facts, and anti-immigrant sentiment expressed on cable shows, local radio shows and across the airwaves.

Truth in Immigration

Truth in Immigration is a project created by MALDEF to rebut legal and factual inaccuracies about immigrants and Latinos. Anti-immigrant and anti-Latino stereotypes currently abound in the public arena. Political pundits, candidates for elected office, media networks, anti-immigrant organizations, and hate groups consistently disseminate negative myths about immigrants that poison the atmosphere for immigrants and all Americans.

Immigrant Integration

As immigrants continue to be a growing portion of our nation’s schools and workforce, it is critical that investments are made to train and educate English language learners (ELL) and assist them transition into their new communities.

Economic Recovery

As the nation passes through a difficult economic period, MALDEF has worked closely with our partners in the civil rights community to address many of the challenges facing Latino workers and families.

Language Access

MALDEF recognizes that learning English is critical to participating in, contributing to, and succeeding in American society. However, English-only and Official English laws do nothing constructive to advance the important goal of English proficiency. Laws that interfere with or undermine the government’s ability to communicate quickly and effectively are simply bad public policy.

The Electronic Employment Verification System (E-Verify)

The Social Security Administration’s (SSA) policy of sending “No-Match” letters to employers whose employees’ names and corresponding Social Security numbers do not match the agency’s records is emblematic of a broken immigration system that may operate in a theoretical world, but fails miserably in the real one.

SAVE Act – H.R. 4088

MALDEF opposes the Shuler-Tancredo Secure America through Verification and Enforcement Act (“SAVE Act”), H.R. 4088. The SAVE Act puts Americans in danger of losing their jobs by forcing all U.S. employers to participate in a deeply flawed employment verification system known as EEVS or E-Verify.

Military Families

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