Fighting for Economic Justice and Prosperity

As President Barack Obama and congressional leadership propose ways to stimulate our nation’s struggling economy, it is essential that the needs of the Latino community are not overlooked.  Our community shares in the belief that hard work will provide our families with the security of sound financial standing. Today, MALDEF is actively working to ensure that Latino families know their financial rights and responsibilities as it relates to foreclosure and fraud prevention as we continue to work with legislatures to ensure equal employment opportunities and the elimination of discriminatory barriers.

Immigrant Integration

As immigrants continue to be a growing portion of our nation’s schools and workforce, it is critical that investments are made to train and educate English language learners (ELL) and assist them transition into their new communities.

Economic Recovery

As the nation passes through a difficult economic period, MALDEF has worked closely with our partners in the civil rights community to address many of the challenges facing Latino workers and families.

Language Access

MALDEF recognizes that learning English is critical to participating in, contributing to, and succeeding in American society. However, English-only and Official English laws do nothing constructive to advance the important goal of English proficiency. Laws that interfere with or undermine the government’s ability to communicate quickly and effectively are simply bad public policy.

The Electronic Employment Verification System (E-Verify)

The Social Security Administration’s (SSA) policy of sending “No-Match” letters to employers whose employees’ names and corresponding Social Security numbers do not match the agency’s records is emblematic of a broken immigration system that may operate in a theoretical world, but fails miserably in the real one.

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